Monday, June 27th: Not Goodbye…See you later

Dear Students,

The end of every school year is always bittersweet.  No doubt I am excited for some time off, but I am going to miss all of you so much.  I hope that throughout the year it was always clear just how much I love what I do.  What you must understand is that is largely in part to being so fortunate to have had students such as yourselves.  I am confident that many of you were able to learn a great deal in my class this year, but I learned just as much, if not more, from each and everyone of you.  “A Block”: I have never had a class so ready to learn…so early in the morning. I am really going to miss your energy and your willingness to put up with all of my corny jokes 🙂  “B Block”: Watching you guys “think outside the box” on a daily basis was always so inspiring.  You guys may have been my smallest class, but the intelligence and hard work you all showed on a daily basis more than made up for it!  “F Block”:  You guys were the first Honors section I ever taught, and whichever section is my next one will have a tough act to follow.  So many of you exceeded even my own high expectations throughout the year.  Much of your work will be on display for all of my future classes to see!

Please remember the following things for next year:

  • Before you ask your teachers what your grade is…ask YOURSELF whether or not you understood the lesson
  • The “right” answer is not nearly as important as the THOUGHTFUL answer
  • Mistakes are OKAY…a failure to learn from mistakes is NOT OKAY
  • Whether you succeed or not next year will be determined by the CHOICES YOU MAKE.  At the end of the day, all the teachers, drama, and friends you have in the world have no bearing on this.  Its on YOUR SHOULDERS!
Have a wonderful summer guys!  You’ve earned it!  See you in September 🙂
Mr. Martinelle
-AKA “Mr. M-Nelly”
-AKA “M-Jelly”
-AKA “Baldy”
-AKA “Shorty”

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