About Mr. M


Mr Martinelle is a high school US History teacher in the Boston Public Schools. He believes that the teaching of US History is a gateway to instructing students on how to reflect on their country’s past, ultimately enabling them to reflect on their own past.  It is his hope that through this meaningful and rigorous type of reflection, his students can then make more ethical decisions now and in the future.

Mr M was born in New York City (he’s a Mets fan, not a Yankees fan 🙂 ) but moved to New England in 1993, and has lived in Boston since 2007. He graduated from UMass Boston in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, and in June 2007, he received a Masters Degree in Education at UMass Boston having spent a calendar year student-teaching at the Community Academy of Science & Health in Hyde Park, MA.

He currently teaches US History  @ TechBoston Lower Academy in Dorchester and is working towards his Doctoral degree (Ed.D) in Curriculum & Teaching @ Boston University.

CONTACTING Mr. Martinelle:

If you would like to contact Mr M directly, you can email him at: mrmartinelle@gmail.com. If you wish to see him in person, please visit him @ Tech Boston Academy during his office hours, held between 12:00 & 1:00pm.

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