The “New World”

Purpose of Unit:

Empathetic Writing: Students will create a series of 1st Person Accounts of European Explorers on their voyage to the New World.

Essential Question(s)

What challenges did ALL people face in the “New” World?

Key Vocabulary: Empire, Democracy, Persecution, Conquistador, Government, Religion, Missionary, Jamestown




Day 1: Do Now + Classwork

Day 2: Vocabulary Matrix

Day 2: New World Vocabulary Words

Day 3: Do Now + Classwork (Oct 12)

Day 3: Unit 4 Project Instructions

Day 4: Do Now + Classwork (10/14) The Spanish in South America

Day 5: Do Now + Classwork (10/15 The French in North America)

Day 6: Do Now + Classwork (English arrive in Jamestown)

Day 7: Do Now (Map of the 13 Colonies)

Day 8: Do Now (True or False: Life in the Colonies)

Day 9: New World Cover Page

Day 10: New World Project Rubric & Revision Instructions

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