Monday, June 6th: Postcards Due Today + Homework

Things to remember to do before you E-MAIL your Final Presentations to Mr. M @ 3:30pm: (Below is an example of a completed postcard)

Did your group:

  1. Check the GRADING RUBRIC thoroughly?
  2. Combine all of your group’s work into 1 Presentation?
  3. Create a title slide for the final presentation with your group’s name on it?
  4. Send it to the right e-mail address?
This is TONIGHT’s HOMEWORK.  Be sure to read the instructions and send your responses to

Week of June 1st: “Postcards” Due MONDAY

Over the past few days, you have been researching the lives of various individuals who experienced the Civil War.  By week’s end, your group, if time has been used wisely, should already be building your digital postcards using the template that was provided.

Your group’s FINAL presentation is DUE MONDAY JUNE 6th by 3:30 PM.  All projects should be e-mailed to

Be sure to take a long look at the grading rubric below well before you turn in your work.  Pay particular attention to the last category 🙂

DOWNLOAD: Unit 12 Project Guidelines & Rubric

Friday May 27th: Where is Mr. M?

I HATE AIRPORTS!!!! As of this writing, my flight has been delayed 😦  So I’m stuck at the airport…and people are looking at me funny while I talk into the camera 🙂  Looking forward to hearing about all of your updates on your project.  Watch the video below and don’t forget to visit the link below to receive credit for today’s class.  Have a great long weekend guys 🙂

Stuck in the airport 😦 from ashdrav on Vimeo.


Thursday May 26th: Postcards from The Civil War

Postcards written during war give can give a great deal of insight as to how impactful war can be.  The Civil War was an EXPERIENCE like no other.  Like most wars, that experience was very different for many.  For our next project, you will be researching how different groups experienced the Civil War and how they were affected by it.

By the unit’s end, your group will have created a series of POSTCARDS written from the perspectives of various individuals who experienced the Civil War.  Get a sneak peak by downloading the following 2 files:

  1. Civil War PostCard Instructions & Steps
  2. Postcards from the Frontlines (Rename File)

Wednesday, May 25th: A Preview Of Our Next Unit

Was the Civil War the same experience for everybody?  What happened during the Civil War?  Take a look at the photos below for today’s DO NOW.  Perhaps they offer a clue?  Today’s Download: Impact of the Civil War Day 1 DO NOW





Friday, May 20th: Essay Due Tuesday by E-mail

Today’s Objective:  Students will create a plan and begin drafting an essay that answers the question:  HOW & WHY DID THE UNION WIN THE CIVIL WAR?

Click on the picture shown here to create your plan.  Remember, if you’ve been doing your HOMEWORK this week, you’ve already been brainstorming for this essay 🙂 After Mr. M approves your plan, download the following file, read over the guidelines, and begin drafting. 

Today’s Download:  Unit 11 Essay Guidelines & Rubric 

Thursday, May 19th: The Confederacy Surrenders

Today’s Objective:  We will learn of how Union battle strategies finally forced the Confederacy to surrender in 1865, formally ending the Civil War.  Use the pictures shown here to help you with your DO NOW.

Today’s Downloads:

  1. Day 3 Do Now & Classwork
  2. Secondary Source-Length and Destruction of The Civil War

Tues-Wed 5/17-5/18: The Emancipation Proclamation

Today’s Objective:  Students will learn about the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION along with how it possibly tipped the scales of the war in the UNION’s favor.  Click on the picture shown here to help you with your classwork.

Today’s Download: Day 2 Do Now & Classwork (Emanc Proc)  

Monday, May 16th: Unit 11 Begins!

Today’s Objective:  We will create a series of graphs in Microsoft Excel to begin to understand how the Union was able to win the Civil War.

Today’s Downloads:

  1. Day 1 Do Now & Classwork
  2. Civil War Data
  3. Unit 11 Essay Brainstorming


Need more extra credit?  Download the below file and follow the instructions exactly as they appear on the handout.  The purpose of this is to build a digital timeline that explains how the Civil War happened.

DOWNLOAD: Dipity Timeline Civil War