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Grades & Tests

EDLINE:  A responsible student knows how they are performing in class.  Log in here to continuously check your grades throughout the year @ TBA!  If you need assistance, watch THIS VIDEO for a quick tutorial!

QUIZLET: Create online flashcards to help you study before a test.

GPA Calculator:  Click here to calculate what your current GPA is. : Click here to participate in interactive “exit slips” and quizzes.  Be sure, when it asks, to enter RM#1660


Using Mr. M’s Website:  Watch this video for a quick tour of Mr. M’s website

Adding TBA Printers To Your Laptop: Watch this AMAZING video for step-by-step instructions on how to add a TBA printer to your laptop 🙂  (Kudos to Mr. V for his exceptional camera work!)

Dropping Off An Assignment To Edline: Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to “DROP OFF” an assignment to Mr. Martinelle

VIMEO:  Post videos to the web on this 100% free website!

Acceptable Use of Laptops: Download this document to your History folder.

SLIDESHARE:  Post your Powerpoint Presentations on this 100% free website!

History & Current Events

EXTRA CREDIT: Download this to your history folder.  Every time you complete one of these, it counts as a HW assignment.

DIPITY:  Create a free account here so that you can build digital timelines of the history you learn in class.

INTERACTIVE CONSTITUTION: Looking at the Constitution has never been so fun 🙂

QWIKI:  The Information Experience…Search a variety of historical topics and view a quick audio slideshow for each one

Primary Sources: This site has a great collection of primary sources from American History.

Difference Between Primary & Secondary Sources:  Visit this site to test your knowledge on what makes Primary and Secondary sources different

Local Representatives: Don’t be a BYSTANDER!!!  Want to see something change?  Click here to write to your local representative(s) in Congress and MAKE history!

Practice History Quizzes:  Test your history knowledge from class by trying these practice quizzes!

The Boston Globe:  Know what is going on in your city and community


PERSUASION MAP:  Click here to plan out a persuasive history paper or debate

STORY MAP:  Click here to plan out your short story

DESCRIPTIVE MAP:  Click here to map out a descriptive essay

COMPARE & CONTRAST:  Click here to plan out your a Compare & Contrast Essay

The Ten Commandments of Good Historical Writing –  A good list of reminders of things to keep in mind when you’re writing your history paper

Turnitin.Com:  Use this website to send your papers to Mr. M.  This website will make sure that you are academically honest and alert Mr. M as to whether or not your writing is actually yours 🙂  Use this website to assist you in Citing Sources in your papers


Gmail: Set up a free and easy-to-use email account

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