CSI: Who or What Caused the Civil War?

Purpose of Unit:

To create a series of “Police” diaries and write a persuasive letter to a fictional grand jury.

Essential Question(s)

WHO or WHAT Caused the American Civil War?


Mass. 9.36-9.41


DAY 1:

Civil War Vocab Pictures

Day 1 DO NOW

Civil War Vocab

Civil War Vocab Matrix

DAY 2:

Day 2 Do Now

CSI Civil War Project Instructions

CSI Civil War

CSI Civil War Rubric

DAY 3:

DO NOW Differences of the North & South

Day 3 DO NOW and Classwork Handout

Features of the North

Features of the South

DAY 3.5

Crack The Code-William Drayton

DAY 4:

Day 4 Do Now & Classwork

Secondary Source-The Issue of Slavery

Secondary Source-Missouri Compromise

DAY 5:

Day 5 Do Now & Classwork

Secondary Source-Fugitives & California

Secondary Source-Compromise of 1850

DAY 6:

Day 6 Do Now & Classwork

Secondary Source-Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Secondary Source-The Dred Scott Decision (What Actually Happened)

DAY 7:

Day 7 Do Now & Classwork

Secondary Source-John Brown & Election of 1860

Secondary Source-The South Secede (What actually happened)

DAY 8:

CSI Civil War Rubric & Completion Instructions

EXTRA CREDIT: Dipity Timeline Civil War


Abe Lincoln BIO

Anna Ella Carrol BIO

Clement Vallandigham BIO

Frederick Douglass BIO

Henry Clay BIO

Horace Greeley BIO

Jefferson Davis BIO

John C Calhoun BIO

Robert E Lee BIO

STEP 3 Determining Friends & Enemies

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