Grading America’s 1st 5 Presidents

Purpose of Unit:

You are a teacher for this unit!!!  Your goal is to create a Digital Report Card that evaluates how Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, & Monroe performed as Presidents during their stay in office and assign them grades 🙂

Essential Question(s)

What informs Presidential decision making?

What makes a President an effective leader? an ineffective leader?


Massachusetts 9.6-9.21


Day 1 Do Now: Download this and follow the directions

Report Card Instructions: Rename this file when you download by putting your last name in it

Report Card Rubric: Be sure to look over this before you hand it in!

Old & Crusty Vocab: January 31st

Old & Crusty Vocab Matrix: January 31st

Old & Crusty Vocab Pictures: January 31st

George Washington Handout: “Term 1”

GW Reading: Secondary Source 1

GW Reading: Secondary Source 2

February 1st Slides

GW: Day 2 CTC Fugitive Slave Act

John Adams Handout: “Term 1”

John Adams Reading: Secondary Source

Primary Source: Alien & Sedition Acts

Thomas Jefferson Handout: “Term 1”

Thomas Jefferson Reading: Secondary Source

“Crack The Code”: A Primary Source by Thomas Jefferson

James Madison Handout: “Term 1”

James Madison Reading: Secondary Source

DO NOW: Map of Native American Lands Lost

Classwork: CTC Tecumseh’s Speech

James Monroe Handout: “Term 1”

James Monroe Reading: Secondary Source

Do Now: Monroe Doctrine Cartoons

Classwork: CTC Jefferson Letter to Monroe

Report Card Revision: DO NOW (Download me please!!!)

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