Historical Facebook: Change in the 1800’s

Purpose of Unit:

To understand how a select group of individuals changed society in the 1800’s.

To create a presentation that shows how historical figures would have set up their Facebook profiles if they were alive today.

Essential Question(s)

How did society change in the 1800’s?



Change in the 1800’s: Unit 9 Vocab

Change in the 1800’s Vocab Matrix

Secondary Source-Abolitionists

Secondary Source-Dorothea Dix

Secondary Source-Eli Whitney

Secondary Source-Francis Cabot Lowell

Secondary Source-Slave Resistance

Secondary Source-Horace Mann

Secondary Source-Women Stand Up

Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Blackwell

Lucy Stone

Sojourner Truth

Susan B. Anthony

Game-Changers of the 1800’s

Historical Facebook

Historical Facebook Instructions

Historical Facebook Group Checklist

Crack The Code-Civil Disobedience

Crack The Code-Declaration of Sentiments

Crack The Code-Frederick Douglass

Crack The Code-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Crack The Code-Dorothea Dix

Crack The Code-Horace Mann

Crack The Code-Charles Finney

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