The American Revolution: For Kids

Purpose of Unit:

To re-tell the story of the American Revolution to an audience of 9 yr olds by creating a DIGITAL storybook in Microsoft Powerpoint

Essential Question(s):

What caused the American Revolution?  How did the 13 colonies become the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


Massachusetts Social Studies Standards 9.1-9.5


Unit 5 Vocabulary Words

Unit 5 Project: The American Revolution For Kids Powerpoint

Storybook Project Instructions

November 3rd Classwork: True Story Kids Story

November 15th Classwork: Download me NOW!!!!

November 16th Classwork: DOWNLOAD ME… PLEASE??? 🙂

November 17th Classwork: Click ME & Get a Cookie!!!

November 18th Classwork (Common Sense): Download me and get a FREE high five!!!

November 19th Classwork DOI

November 19th Slides & Instructions

Revolution Project Rubric

Revision Practice: Save To Your History Folder


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