The Constitution & The Bill of Rights

Purpose of Unit:

1.)  To successfully write a Historical Report that explains why and how the US Constitution was created

2.)  To create a presentation that explains how the Constitution protects human rights

Essential Question(s)

How & Why was the Constitution Created?

Who was considered a member of the new American Nation?  Who was not?

Why does the Constitution work?


Massachusetts Standards 9.6-9.21


Chapter 8 Readings

Chapter 9 Readings

Dec7th Classwork

Unit 6 Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Matching Sheet

Vocabulary Pictures

Dec13th Assignment: Download only if you missed this class

AOC Weaknesses: Download this to Learn about why the AOC was a weak government

AOC Wordspell: Download ME 🙂

December 15th Reading: America in Chaos

December 15th: Do Now + Classwork

Dec 16th DO NOW + Classwork: Download if you were absent or wish to complete on Laptop

Dec 20th: Classwork + Readings

Dec 20th Slides From Class

Constitution Report Rubric

Constitution Word Spell

Term 2 IP Instuctions & Checklist

Term 2 History IP

Top 10 Features of the Constitution

Top 10 Constitution Rubric

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