What is History? Why study it?

Purpose of Unit:

To Write a 5-Paragraph Expository Essay

Essential Question(s):

What is History?  Why Study It?

Key Words:

DAY 1:  Evidence, Primary Source, Secondary Source, Point Of View, Historical Interpretation

DAY 2:  Perspective, Interpretations, Purpose, Reliable, Historians, Christopher Colombus

DAY 3: Empathy, Reflect, Mistakes




Day 1 Handout

Homework Reflections

Day 2 Handout

Day 3 Handout

Secondary Source Day 3 Reading

Secondary Source Day 4 Reading

Day 4 Handout

Day 5 Handout

Secondary Source Day 5 Reading

Essay Organizer

Essay Rubric & Completion Steps

Powerpoint Instruction Slides

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